Saturday, January 23, 2010

Concrete and Lace

Concrete and Lace
When I look into your eyes, when I look into your face
All I see is concrete and lace...
Hurt that years can not erase.. .
A lady tried and true
Tested by life, but remaining pure
In spirit, but not in flesh
You tried to begin again
But found only another dead end
Just more of the same
Only Concrete and lace.
Love is given, then it’s taken away,
Like concrete and lace
You are still the girl, who wished for a home
A mommy and Daddy
To call her own
Yet you walked the streets alone
Streets of Concrete and lace
Love is given, then it’s taken away
Just concrete and lace
You learned how to live, how to love,
And how to guard your precious heart
With Concrete and Lace
Love is given, then it’s taken away
Like concrete and lace
I look into your face
Hoping for love, But it’s more of the same
Just concrete and lace
Love is given, then it’s taken away
Like concrete and lace
Will there ever be another?
Will we ever recover?
Love is given, then it’s taken away
Like concrete and lace

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Childhood Friendship

We played cowboys and Indians, Batman and Robin
Or Speed Racer in the streets of youth
We sailed on cloudy ships through the sky of dreams
Fancied ourselves pirates
We dug tunnels in my back yard
Ran through fields of corn,
And swam in muddy Kentucky water
We suffered sunburns, bee-stings, and lectures from almighty mom
And now, when all is said and done
After 30 years have come and gone
I wonder, are we anything more than this?
More than childhood friends?
Are we more than hopeful dreamers, schemers
More than actors on a stage?
The world is a bigger place now, a new playground
The stakes are higher, but we are none the wiser
I think that we are still just two lazy boys
Under a golden sun

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Our Sea

Together we float
On the sea of our imagination
While the rhythm of the waves
Carries us gently beneath a bright moon
That is blue
Because the ocean too
Casts it's own reflection
But the light of the moon is wild upon us
As we bath in it's light
And the surface of the water glistens in turn
As the stars capture the sky in brilliance
Then fall
Into the water around us
We are love
Upon a broad bed of water
And that love is as deep and wide as the ocean
But as small
As our absence in flesh
So we dance with the waves
And dream in the balance
Of wet tides
Sweeping from far way onto the shore of home
Timeless and eternal
We wash across the empty spaces of the earth
On the sea of our own dreams
For a time the sea sleeps
But we still play upon the water
Like ocean creatures
And nothing more
For this is the life of us
The only, lonely
Love we know
But the sea holds our touch
And the sound of our voice
As we swim and float together
Sometimes in silence
Other times laughing
At the sky and the stars and the water
The echo of our laughter
Rides upon the waves to every corner of the earth
So that when strangers walk upon the wet sand
They will know that we were there
Love has no boundaries
And like the sea
It floats free

Always Saturday

Give me a small kiss
With the fullness of your lips
Just a little pinch of love
Like a tiny gift
Upon my mouth
So that I might know
The simple treasures of life
Like the daisy and the rolling stream
The bold river and the stars
Let me know that I am loved
And touch my cheek
With your fingertips
So that I may know this love is real
A fleshly thing to feel
And not hallucination
Wiggle you bright toes
And smile and laugh
So that I might see the sun
Show me your pouting lips because you want affection
Change the channel on the TV
Light a candle
Put a flower in a vase
And let me see your face
In the mirror with mine
After a shower
Put the pieces together
The puzzle
Of my broken heart
Lie with me under a tree in a park
Where strangers walk
Talk to me with your Latin mouth
And let me explain the words that we find
In the white mans dictionary
Tell me of your homeland
As we dream of babies
Let me feed you ice cream
Light my cigarette
Cry when you feel troubled
And lay your head upon my chest
Stretch before me denuda (nude/naked)
While I write a poem for you
Feed me shrimp
Because they taste delightful
But all the more so
Because they come from your hand
Curse when the Yankees lose
And laugh when the kittens play
Slap my face because you’re human
Let me know that you are real
Give me your mouth
In simple ways
With a kiss and with a soft
“I love you”
As your head rests on the pillow smiling
When I see the brightness of your eyes
Although the room is dark
And your eyes are shinning
And your mouth is smiling
And the sheets smell fresh
Except for a hint of the flesh
Because we made love on them
Tell me today is Saturday
Siempre (always)
When I awaken
And that there are no more Mondays
Tell me that you want to go to the beach
Or the zoo
And that my love for you
Makes your heart jump
Maybe we can fly a kite
While ugly people sit at desks and make phone calls
We can write a poem together
While the teapot begins to boil
And make love
At 1:34pm on Thursday afternoon
Then take a road trip
That lasts through most of the following week
Then kiss me on the cheek
As I drive down a new highway
Into freedoms open door
And let us explore this world
That we were begrudgingly born
Yet embrace with a suspicious smile
Let me smell you without a bath
On a camping trip
And let me build a fire for you
When the night is cold
Spread your wings in flight
This night
And let us love
Before we are old

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Yet forever still

In the far distance
Into the near yearning
Of me
There is a face
No voice, no touch, no softness
Yet forever still
A face
That haunts me
With hello
And she remains
After the dark embers have burned
After the night on the town
Has come and gone
One simple
Beautiful, face
Reminding me
Of the cradle, and the mantle
With pitcures of love
And children playing across the rug
As if they were my own
This is how I love her

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Rush to me

Rush to me
Woman of faith
Rush to me
Mother of children
Beliving in me
The man of yesteryear
The God of forgotten dreams
Rush to me
For I still believe in what can be
What some say
should have been
Or what should never be
We met in a hybrid world
of internet fantasy
disguising itself
as friendly encounters
But all of us need
All of us cry out
in the small hours of the morning
hidden from those we love
We all still dream
So in that pause
between soccer practice and dinner
In that pause between Sunday morning worship
and the meal after
In those times at work
when your mind wonders
In the music dowload
That you thought twice about
Think of me
And Rush to me

Fall Back

For Wattyz

Our clocks spring forward
And fall back to hello
Circling backwards for more time to love
And I fall, fall, fall back
Into a pile of variegated leaves that crunch
Falling in love
With a dark haired, wide smiling girl from Brooklyn
With bright eyes named Autumn
And her hand falls into mine
Between the frosting earth and the cloudy sky
Walking backwards
Always to hello

And this fall and that fall, and every fall hello
With orange and brown that is the earth
Or Jack-O’ lanterns that we carve
With rosy cheeks and grins
Turkeys and families and things
With lights that glow and fill our hearts like hugs
And so we fall back to the beginning
When love was cold
And cold was good
We fall